Re: Mounting a in-ROM filesystem efficiently

From: Bradley D. LaRonde (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 15:52:08 EST

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Subject: Re: Mounting a in-ROM filesystem efficiently

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> By author: Thomas Capricelli <>
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> > Ideally, i would give address/length of the fs in ROM to a function, and
> > would get a ramdisk configured to read its data exactly there, and not
> > ram.
> The right thing for you to do is to write a block device driver, and
> then mount that block device like any order device. Your in-use data
> will be copied to RAM (i.e. cached), but it can be dropped and
> re-fetched as necessary. This should be the desired behaviour.

That's one way (q.v. MTD block device), but it adds an unecessary block

The cramfs patch I mentioned shuns the block layer and instead allows the fs
to read directly from ROM.


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