CML2 1.9.9 is available

From: Eric S. Raymond (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 18:49:36 EST

The latest version is always available at

Release 1.9.9: Thu Dec 13 18:36:26 EST 2001
        * Minor cleanups by Richard Todd.
        * Passed Keith Owens's regression tests against CML1 make oldconfig.

Bug queue is empty. The code has passed scrutiny and hands-on use by the rest
of the kbuild team. There's a known rulebase glitch near extra-device handling
of SCSI disks which is not critical and should be a one-line fix by somebody
who knows what is actually going on there.

Things have come together nicely: (a) the code is ready and tested, (b) the rulebase
needs only trivial cleanups, and (c) the file is down to only 14 missing
entries, with 6 of the remaining promised any time now. It looks like we'll actually
be ready to do a major-number release after 1.9.9.

		<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

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