New driver API for Wireless Extensions

From: Jean Tourrilhes (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 20:39:46 EST


        It's must be 2.5.X time. I've just finished the first phase of
improvement on Wireless Extensions, which is a new driver API.
        This e-mail contains some comment about why I think the new
API is good for me (and for you). Then, I will try to send the
relevant patches to the mailing list.
        All the material is available on my web page :

        Note also that the patches *won't* apply to your kernel
because my previous wireless patch has disapeared in a black hole :
        But trust me, they apply to *my* kernel ;-)

        I'm waiting for comments. Later on, if the stars are aligned,
this set of patches may go in the kernel... And I may even work on the
second phase...

        Have fun...


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