2.4.17-rc1 doesn't boot (on K6-II)

From: Sven Vermeulen (sven.vermeulen@rug.ac.be)
Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 10:43:01 EST


When booting 2.4.17-rc1, the following text appears:

-------------------------------------------- BEGIN --
Loading 2.4.17-rc1.............
Uncompressing Linux...

ran out of input data

  -- System halted
--------------------------------------------- END ---

This has never occured to me before. I'm compiling -rc1 now on another box
(with a different gcc - mine is 2.96-85 - yes, RedHat packaged it) to make
sure this isn't due to gcc.

        Sven Vermeulen

I would rather spend 10 hours reading someone else's source code than
10 minutes listening to Musak waiting for technical support which 
isn't. ~(Wettstein)
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