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From: Jens Axboe (
Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 15:34:35 EST

On Fri, Dec 14 2001, Kirk Alexander wrote:
> [cc'ed to lkml and Gerard Roudier]
> Hi Jens,
> You asked people to send in reports of which drivers
> were broken by the removal of io_request_lock.
> My system is a clunky old Digital Pentium Pro with a
> NCR53c810 rev 2 scsi controller, so it can't use the
> sym driver. I fixed the problem by seeing what the sym
> driver did i.e. the patch below
> This may not be right at all, and I haven't had a
> chance to boot the kernel - but it did build OK.

Missed your original post, it had no subject line. At first view, your
patch looks correct. However, check the ->detect() routing and verify
it's not assuming the lock is held there. That should be the only

Minor nit pick -- since this driver is _in_ the 2.5 tree, there's no way
the #ifdef would not hit. So the way I've been fixing these is to just
always assume latest kernel.

I think this was already fixed though, but at least know you now you did
it right :-)

Jens Axboe

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