Static/Global Arrays

From: Russ Weight (
Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 19:31:10 EST

        I have tabulated lists of static and global arrays in the
2.4.16 kernel. I am posting the information here in case it may be
of interest to some of you. I would recommend starting with the
linux/kernel and linux/fs tables, as these are the most complete.

These tables were created as part of a larger effort to identify
static resource limits which could perhaps be made dynamic or
configurable. The notes column should eventually contain the
following information.

        (1) A _very_ brief description of the array
        (2) Any static limits associated with resource
            allocation should be noted.

See the linux/kernel and linux/fs tables for examples of these notes.

Moving Forward:
Many of the arrays in these tables have not yet been annotated.
For me this has been very educational - lots of unfamiliar source
code to read. For many of you, it would be simply a matter of noting
things you already understand. If you find this information useful
and feel inclined to contribute, I would welcome contributions and/or
modifications to the notes in these tables.

- Russ

Russ Weight (
Linux Technology Center
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