AIC7850 panic (post 2.4.14)

From: J.P. Morris (
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 12:47:04 EST

Here's a more blatant problem with SCSI in 2.4.16 that still exists
in 17-rc1. As an RC it is probably too late to fix for '17, but

(This may have been introduced in 2.4.15, I haven't yet checked)

This problem is that th kernel panics on boot as soon as it reaches
the AIC7xxx module, which is loaded at the end (i.e. not built in).

This only happens from cold; when the machine is rebooted it will
initialise the SCSI card successfully.. just never on the first
attempt. The aic7xxx_old driver works.

Barring transcription errors, here are the details:

SCSI 0:1:0 attempting to queue an abort message
scsi0 dumping card state in data_out phase at SEQADDR 0x0
ACCUM = 0x0 SINDEX=0x0 DINDEX=0x0 ARG_2=0x0
SSTAT0 = 0x0 SSTAT1 = 0x8
STACK = 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0
SCB count = 4
Kernel NEXTQSCB = 3
QINFIFO entries: 3 2
waiting queue entries = 0:255 1:255 2:255
disconnected queue entries = 0:255 1:255 2:255
QOUTFIFO entries:
sequencer free SCB list: 0 1 2
Pending list: 2
Kernel Free SCB list: 1 2
Untagged Q(1): 2
Dev Q(0:1:0) 0 waiting
qinpos = 0, SCB index = 3
Kernel Panic: Loop 1

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