Re: Dropped patches -> dropped bugfix 2.4 since months !

From: Gunther Mayer (
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 18:41:49 EST

Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Andre Hedrick wrote:
> > Well blame that on the folks that are not taking kernel code that will
> > allow you to solve this problem. Linus is the number one offender.
> Linus is taking some patches and not others right now... so what? A
> couple of my patches, isolated and clearly unrelated to bio and mochel's
> driver work, made it in. Others got dropped.
> I see several people (not just you Andre) whining about the dropped
> patches, when it seems to clear to me that only a few things in specific
> areas are getting applied right now. For you specifically, Andre, Jen's
> patches have been slated for 2.5.x for a while, so it seems blindingly
> obvious that he would not take your IDE patches at least until the bio
> subsystem is finished and clean, since you IDE patches would clearly
> depend on the bio changes.
> I do not believe this as a personal condemnation of your patches, or
> bcrl's, or anyone else's.
> Patience is a virtue ;-) We have a long devel series in front of us
> and we are only at the pre-patches to the FIRST 2.5.x release.

Unfortunately, Andre's patch includes an important BUGFIX which must
go into 2.4 (CompactFlash hang/IRQ storm on pcmcia-PCI adapter card).

Despite I'm sending this bugifx for several months now it is not included yet!

I understand Andre would like to get the whole patch accepted as I have no
evidence he ever submitted my isolated (about 3-liner) bugfix.

Andre, what are your plans concerning 2.4 ?
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