Making Linux multiboot capable and grub loading kernel modules at boot time.

From: Christian Koenig (
Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 21:54:46 EST


I send this to every one who seems to be interested in it as cc.
(If you don't want this simple let me know).

This is the next release off my Kernel Patch letting grub loads
Kernel-Modules at boot time.

This patch is against Kernel 2.5.1 and grub 0.90 and consider off 3 Parts:

1. mboot.diff: Makes vmlinux multiboot compliant.
   Changes made since last Version:
        1. added 2 new build targets to the Kernel Makefiles "mImage"
             and "mImage.gz" creating clean Multiboot Kernel-Images in
        2. setup.c now evaluates the multiboot apm table correctly.

2. bootmodules.diff: Adds a new elf-object file loader, evaluating and
   inserting the modules grub have loaded into the Kernel.

   Changes made since last Version:
        1. Module Parameters are evaluated correctly now.
        2. Fixed some memory leaks and 1 byte miss bug in boot_modules.c.
        3. Fixed a ugly bug that made modules exporting much kernel symbols oops at
             boott up.

3. grub.diff: This is a new patch adding a command to grub who loads all
              modules in a specified file with correct module-dependecies.
             Now you could do something like:

             root (hd0,1)
             kernel /boot/vmlinux-2.5.1prex root=/dev/hda1 ro
             modulesfromfile /etc/modules /lib/modules/2.5.1/modules.dep

             inside your grub menu.lst and every thing specified in /etc/module
             gets loaded before the Kernel is booted.

You can download these patches at

Please tell me what you think about it / how it works.

MfG, Christian König. (Sorry for my poor English)
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