Re: [patch] amd athlon cooling on kt266/266a chipset

From: Martin Eriksson (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 09:39:29 EST

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Subject: Re: [patch] amd athlon cooling on kt266/266a chipset

> On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Martin Eriksson wrote:
> > Problems (in Windows, with similar patches) have mostly been sound skips
> > general "skippy" behaviour (not the peanut butter). My VIA KT133 based
> > with Athlon 1000 had major sound skips, both with onboard VIA sound and
> > SB512. Also the graphics in most 3D games stuttered badly.
> this is the first time i hear about such problems ...
> i have no problems at all and it works great under linux and win 2k
> (vcool) ... there are no sound skips or skippy behaviors ...

Well I guess it's very mobo-dependent then. What I remember from the VCool
program is that it made windows go crazy on me. I dont know exactly what
happened, just that I removed vcool very quickly.

I just tried the function again, not using vcool, instead *only* enabling
bit 8 of register 0x52 ("Disconnect Enable When STPGNT Detected") with the
following results:

* No other (major) load than Winamp: Minor sound skips
* Winamp when reading from hard disk: Major sound skips
* Winamp when using client: Almost no sound skips (one or
two on a 4 minute tune)
* Winamp when using & using hard disk: Almost no sound skips

As both the HD controller and soundcard does much DMA, I guess it has some
connection to DMA transfers on the PCI bus?

OS: Windows 2000 Pro
Northbridge: VIA KT133
Southbridge: VIA 686B
CPU: Athlon(B) 1GHz

(Sorry, Linux is running on my BP6)

| Martin Eriksson <>
| MSc CSE student, department of Computing Science
| Umeň University, Sweden

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