issues with 2.4.18 kernel and Dell Inspiron 8000

From: SI Reasoning (
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 04:35:37 EST

I am not subscribed to the list so please CC me your responses.

I participate in Mandrake's Cooker development and have been running into
some power management issues with the latest kernel. Below is the message I
had sent as well as the reply which pointed me in this direction:

On 2002-01-27 at 11:43, SI Reasoning wrote:
> When halting my Dell Inspiron 8000, I get the power
> off message but the laptop does not power off while
> using the 2.4.17-10mdk kernel. Other APM related stuff is
> a mess with this laptop also. If it suspends or does
> any power saving features, it can not be brought back
> up and has to be rebooted. Even worse, if I try to go
> to bios or check the battery feature, it completely
> locks up the computer and it has to be forcibly turned
> off.
> > Kernel 2.4.16-11mdk was way better. It still had the
> suspend issue, but I could go to the bios or battery
> display and other bios related shortcuts without
> issue. It also powered down without issue.

2.4.18-pre7 (that 2.4.17-10mdk is based upon) has new APM patch. I
already have seen other reports about APM related problems in this
version (ironically this patch fixed problem I had).

I suggest you report it on lkml as you may have better chances there.


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