[PATCH] ReiserFS 2.5 Update Patch Set 13 of 25

From: Hans Reiser (reiser@namesys.com)
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 12:48:20 EST

This set of patches of which this is one will update ReiserFS in 2.5
to contain all bugfixes applied to 2.4 plus allow relocating the journal plus
uuid support plus fix the kdev_t compilation failure.

    Fixes a problem with v3.6 fs mounted readonly and then remounted rw.

The other patches in this set are:

    kdev_t fixes to comply with new interface.

    Support for relocated journals.

    It is possible that knfsd is trying to access inode of a file
    that is being removed from the disk by some other thread. As we
    update sd on unlink all that is required is to check for nlink
    here. This bug was first found by Sizif when debugging
    SquidNG/Butterfly, forgotten, and found again after Philippe
    Gramoulle <philippe.gramoulle@mmania.com> reproduced it.

    More logical fix would require changes in fs/inode.c:iput() to
    remove inode from hash-table _after_ fs cleaned disk stuff up and
    in iget() to return NULL if I_FREEING inode is found in
    hash-table. We await Al Viro doing the more logical fix, and we
    provide this fix so that users can work while we wait for the
    better fix.

    Check that block number are going to free in a bitmap makes sense.
    This avoids oops after trying to access bitmap for wild block number.

    Patch by Chris Mason <Mason@Suse.COM>.
    prepare_for_delete_or_cut() tries to find the unformatted node in
    the buffer cache to make sure it isn't in use. Since unformatted
    nodes are never in the buffer cache, this check is useless. The
    page locking done by mm/vmscan.c:vmtruncate protects us from
    truncating away pages that are in use, so it is safe to just remove
    the bogus check from our code.

    Since the get_hash_table was also the reason for the repeat loop,
    this patch removes it as well.

    This should make file deletes faster, at the very least it cuts down
    on CPU overhead for deletes/truncates.

    There is always place for Yet Another Cleanup of Reiserfs Code.

    fixes a bug first noticed using a Freebsd nfs testing tool. When writing to
    a previously mmaped-filled hole in file, and then writing with write() there
    again, page that write() hits loses mmap-written content.

    Fixes long-standing problem in reiserfs, when disk space gets leaked
    if crash occurred when some process hold a reference to unlinked file.

    It's possible to unlink file that is still opened by some
    process. In this case, body of file is actually removed at the time
    of last close. If crash occurs in between last unlink (when
    directory entry for this file is removed) and last close, body
    doesn't get unlinked and "disk-space-leak" occurs. To prevent this,
    unlink-truncate-opened patch stores in the tree a special record at the
    time of last unlink. This record is a form of logical logging and
    will be either removed during following close, or replayed during
    next mount after a crash.

        Reiserfs 3.5 disk format can only store 16 bit uid/gid inside
        stat-data. This patch adds error checking so that EINVAL is returned
        on attempt to change uid/gid of an old file to value that doesn't
        fit into 16 bit, in stead of silently truncating it into 16 bit.

    Patch by Chris Mason for bug found and debugged by Anne Milicia
    (milicia@missioncriticallinux.com): don't run preallocated blocks
    through journal_mark_freed() and don't corrupt i_prealloc_block during

    Patch by Chris Mason to avoid duplicate replay of last flushed

    Patch to break infinite loop in journal_read() in the case when the
    journal log area is completely filled with transactions.

    Fixes a problem with v3.6 fs mounted readonly and then remounted rw.
    Fixes erroroneous page access before making sure page is really accessable.
    Bug can be triggered only on highmem sysetms.

    Symlink-body length check was made against an incorrect value, allowing for
    too long nodes to be inserted into tree. This might lead to obscure
    warnings in some cases.

    Fixes a bug when mmap-write to a file tail and subsequent read cause written
    data to be lost due to page-cache interacting mistake in low number of free
    buffers situation.

    Correct a typo in fs/reiserfs/journal.c:
    interruptible_sleep_on_timeout() takes timeout in jiffies, rather
    than seconds.

    Certain disk corruptions and i/o errors may cause lookup() to panic, which
    is wrong.

    Suppress compilation warnings on big endian platform.

    This patch fixes 2 bugs in reiserfs_rename(). First one being attempt to
    access item before verifying it was not moved since last access. Second
    is a window, where old filename may be written to disk with 'visible'
    flag unset without these changes be journaled.

    reiserfs_inode_cache seems to be too long. converting it to

    This patch makes sure that indirect pointers for holes are correctly filled
    in by zeroes at
    hole-creation time. (Author is Chris Mason. fs/buffer.c
    (generic_cont_expand) were written by Alexander Viro)

    Somebody introduced a bug in reiserfs_release_file() leading to corrupting
    journal for ro filesystems.

    Do not print unsuccesful superblocks read warnings
    (if old or new one cannot be found). Print verbose journal info.
    Convert warnings to standard format.

    Fixes a case where v3.6 filesystem can get wrong magic after converting
    from v3.5 one.

--- linux-2.5.3-pre4.o/include/linux/reiserfs_fs_sb.h Thu Jan 24 12:21:23 2002
+++ linux-2.5.3-pre4/include/linux/reiserfs_fs_sb.h Thu Jan 24 12:53:45 2002
@@ -347,6 +347,8 @@
                                 /* To be obsoleted soon by per buffer seals.. -Hans */
     atomic_t s_generation_counter; // increased by one every time the
     // tree gets re-balanced
+ unsigned long s_properties; /* File system properties. Currently holds
+ on-disk FS format */
     /* session statistics */
     int s_kmallocs;
@@ -368,7 +370,11 @@
     struct proc_dir_entry *procdir;
+/* Definitions of reiserfs on-disk properties: */
+#define REISERFS_3_5 0
+#define REISERFS_3_6 1
+/* Mount options */
 #define NOTAIL 0 /* -o notail: no tails will be created in a session */
 #define REPLAYONLY 3 /* replay journal and return 0. Use by fsck */
 #define REISERFS_NOLOG 4 /* -o nolog: turn journalling off */
@@ -418,8 +424,8 @@
 #define dont_have_tails(s) ((s)->u.reiserfs_sb.s_mount_opt & (1 << NOTAIL))
 #define replay_only(s) ((s)->u.reiserfs_sb.s_mount_opt & (1 << REPLAYONLY))
 #define reiserfs_dont_log(s) ((s)->u.reiserfs_sb.s_mount_opt & (1 << REISERFS_NOLOG))
-#define old_format_only(s) ((SB_VERSION(s) != REISERFS_VERSION_2) \
- && !((s)->u.reiserfs_sb.s_mount_opt & (1 << REISERFS_CONVERT)))
+#define old_format_only(s) ((s)->u.reiserfs_sb.s_properties & (1 << REISERFS_3_5))
+#define convert_reiserfs(s) ((s)->u.reiserfs_sb.s_mount_opt & (1 << REISERFS_CONVERT))
 void reiserfs_file_buffer (struct buffer_head * bh, int list);
--- linux-2.5.3-pre4.o/fs/reiserfs/procfs.c Thu Jan 24 12:21:23 2002
+++ linux-2.5.3-pre4/fs/reiserfs/procfs.c Thu Jan 24 12:53:45 2002
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@
 #include <linux/sched.h>
 #include <asm/uaccess.h>
 #include <linux/reiserfs_fs.h>
+#include <linux/reiserfs_fs_sb.h>
 #include <linux/smp_lock.h>
 #include <linux/locks.h>
 #include <linux/init.h>
@@ -76,12 +77,21 @@
         int len = 0;
         struct super_block *sb;
+ char *format;
         sb = procinfo_prologue( to_kdev_t((int)data) );
         if( sb == NULL )
                 return -ENOENT;
+ if ( sb->u.reiserfs_sb.s_properties & (1 << REISERFS_3_6) ) {
+ format = "3.6";
+ } else if ( sb->u.reiserfs_sb.s_properties & (1 << REISERFS_3_5) ) {
+ format = "3.5";
+ } else {
+ format = "unknown";
+ }
         len += sprintf( &buffer[ len ], "%s format\twith checks %s\n",
- old_format_only( sb ) ? "old" : "new",
+ format,
@@ -172,7 +182,7 @@
                         dont_have_tails( sb ) ? "NO_TAILS " : "TAILS ",
                         replay_only( sb ) ? "REPLAY_ONLY " : "",
                         reiserfs_dont_log( sb ) ? "DONT_LOG " : "LOG ",
- old_format_only( sb ) ? "CONV " : "",
+ convert_reiserfs( sb ) ? "CONV " : "",
                         atomic_read( &r -> s_generation_counter ),
                         SF( s_kmallocs ),
--- linux-2.5.3-pre4.o/fs/reiserfs/super.c Thu Jan 24 12:25:16 2002
+++ linux-2.5.3-pre4/fs/reiserfs/super.c Thu Jan 24 12:53:45 2002
@@ -968,6 +968,7 @@
     unsigned long blocks;
     int jinit_done = 0 ;
     struct reiserfs_iget4_args args ;
+ struct reiserfs_super_block * rs;
     char *jdev_name;
     memset (&s->u.reiserfs_sb, 0, sizeof (struct reiserfs_sb_info));
@@ -1045,8 +1046,13 @@
       goto error ;
+ if (is_reiserfs_3_5 (rs) || (is_reiserfs_jr (rs) && SB_VERSION (s) == REISERFS_VERSION_1))
+ set_bit(REISERFS_3_5, &(s->u.reiserfs_sb.s_properties));
+ else
+ set_bit(REISERFS_3_6, &(s->u.reiserfs_sb.s_properties));
     if (!(s->s_flags & MS_RDONLY)) {
- struct reiserfs_super_block * rs = SB_DISK_SUPER_BLOCK (s);
         journal_begin(&th, s, 1) ;
         reiserfs_prepare_for_journal(s, SB_BUFFER_WITH_SB(s), 1) ;
@@ -1054,14 +1060,13 @@
         set_sb_umount_state( rs, REISERFS_ERROR_FS );
         set_sb_fs_state (rs, 0);
- if (is_reiserfs_3_5 (rs) || (is_reiserfs_jr (rs) && SB_VERSION (s) == REISERFS_VERSION_1)) {
+ if (old_format_only(s)) {
           /* filesystem of format 3.5 either with standard or non-standard
              journal */
- if (!old_format_only (s)) {
+ if (convert_reiserfs (s)) {
             /* and -o conv is given */
             reiserfs_warning ("reiserfs: converting 3.5 filesystem to the 3.6 format\n") ;
- if (is_reiserfs_3_5 (rs))
               /* put magic string of 3.6 format. 2.2 will not be able to
                  mount this filesystem anymore */
               memcpy (rs->s_v1.s_magic, reiserfs_3_6_magic_string,
@@ -1069,17 +1074,13 @@
             reiserfs_convert_objectid_map_v1(s) ;
+ set_bit(REISERFS_3_6, &(s->u.reiserfs_sb.s_properties));
+ clear_bit(REISERFS_3_5, &(s->u.reiserfs_sb.s_properties));
           } else {
             reiserfs_warning("reiserfs: using 3.5.x disk format\n") ;
- }
- } else {
- // new format found
- set_bit (REISERFS_CONVERT, &(s->u.reiserfs_sb.s_mount_opt));
+ }
- // mark hash in super block: it could be unset. overwrite should be ok
- set_sb_hash_function_code( rs, function2code(s->u.reiserfs_sb.s_hash_function ) );
         journal_mark_dirty(&th, s, SB_BUFFER_WITH_SB (s));
         journal_end(&th, s, 1) ;
@@ -1087,7 +1088,13 @@
         finish_unfinished (s);
         s->s_dirt = 0;
+ } else {
+ if ( old_format_only(s) ) {
+ reiserfs_warning("reiserfs: using 3.5.x disk format\n") ;
+ }
+ // mark hash in super block: it could be unset. overwrite should be ok
+ set_sb_hash_function_code( rs, function2code(s->u.reiserfs_sb.s_hash_function ) );
     reiserfs_proc_info_init( s );
     reiserfs_proc_register( s, "version", reiserfs_version_in_proc );

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