[patch] VM_IO fixes

From: Andrew Morton (akpm@zip.com.au)
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 01:14:28 EST

We've had a few bugs recently where device drivers were forgetting
to set vma->vm_flags:VM_IO in their mmap() methods.

This causes kernel deadlocks when applications which have the
relevant device mapped try to dump core (the pagefault handler
deadlocks on mmap_sem).

Failing to set VM_IO also causes kernel oopses when PTRACE_PEEKUSR
tries to read the device mapping - the region has no page structs,
but access_process_vm() acts as if it does.

This patch doesn't fix the PTRACE_PEEKUSR bug - for that we need
this patch as well as the patch Andrea, Manfred and I pieced
together - it's at http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/andrea/kernels/v2.4/2.4.18pre7aa2/00_get_user_pages-2
I understand that Manfred will be sending you a version of that patch.

The drivers which are forgetting to set VM_IO include a whole bunch
of fbmem drivers, one or more AGP drivers and I don't know what else.

It's simpler to make VM_IO default to `on', and to only clear it
in places where we know that it's safe to dump the memory to a
core file, and where it's safe to PTRACE_PEEKUSR it. That's
what this patch does. We only clear VM_IO in generic_file_mmap()
and in ncp_mmap() and in coda_file_mmap().

Any filesystem which implements its own mmap() method, and which
does not call generic_file_mmap() needs to be changed to clear
VM_IO inside its mmap function. All in-kernel filesystems are
OK, as is XFS. And the only breakage this can cause to out-of-kernel
filesystems is failure to include mappings in core files, and
inability to use PEEKUSR.

With this patch in place we can go through and remove the setting of
VM_IO in all the drivers which _do_ remember to set it. But that's
a cleanup which can await 2.4.19-pre.

--- linux-2.4.18-pre8/mm/mmap.c Mon Nov 5 21:01:12 2001
+++ linux-akpm/mm/mmap.c Sat Feb 2 17:36:55 2002
@@ -534,6 +534,11 @@ munmap_back:
                 vma->vm_file = file;
+ /*
+ * Subdrivers can clear VM_IO if their mappings are
+ * valid pages inside mem_map[]
+ */
+ vma->vm_flags |= VM_IO;
                 error = file->f_op->mmap(file, vma);
                 if (error)
                         goto unmap_and_free_vma;
--- linux-2.4.18-pre8/mm/filemap.c Tue Feb 5 00:33:05 2002
+++ linux-akpm/mm/filemap.c Sat Feb 2 17:36:55 2002
@@ -2111,6 +2111,7 @@ int generic_file_mmap(struct file * file
                 return -ENOEXEC;
         vma->vm_ops = &generic_file_vm_ops;
+ vma->vm_flags &= ~VM_IO;
         return 0;
--- linux-2.4.18-pre8/fs/coda/file.c Tue Feb 5 00:33:05 2002
+++ linux-akpm/fs/coda/file.c Wed Feb 6 21:50:16 2002
@@ -97,6 +97,7 @@ coda_file_mmap(struct file *file, struct
         if (!cfile->f_op || !cfile->f_op->mmap)
                 return -ENODEV;
+ vma->vm_flags &= ~VM_IO;
         ret = cfile->f_op->mmap(cfile, vma);
--- linux-2.4.18-pre8/fs/ncpfs/mmap.c Mon Sep 10 09:04:53 2001
+++ linux-akpm/fs/ncpfs/mmap.c Wed Feb 6 21:49:28 2002
@@ -119,5 +119,6 @@ int ncp_mmap(struct file *file, struct v
         vma->vm_ops = &ncp_file_mmap;
+ vma->vm_flags &= ~VM_IO;
         return 0;
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