Re: [Lse-tech] Re: [RFC] modularization of i386 setup_arch and mem_init in 2.4.18

From: Martin J. Bligh (
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 16:59:01 EST

> As a sidenote (sort of related topic) :
> An idea being kicked around a little right now is x86 subarch
> support for 2.5. With so many of the niche x86 spin-offs appearing
> lately, all fighting for their own piece of various files in
> arch/i386/kernel/, it may be time to do the same as the ARM folks did,
> and have..
> arch/i386/generic/
> arch/i386/numaq/
> arch/i386/visws
> arch/i386/voyager/
> etc..
> I've been meaning to find some time to move the necessary bits around,
> and jiggle configs to see how it would work out, but with a pending
> house move, I haven't got around to it yet.. Maybe next week.

I'm willing to help you out with this if you like (especially as I caused
some of the current ifdefs ;-)).
> The downsides to this:
> - Code duplication.
> Some routines will likely be very similar if not identical.
> - Bug propagation.
> If something is fixed in one subarch, theres a high possibility
> it needs fixing in other subarchs

The above are what I'm really afraid of. I think the best way to avoid
most of the downside is to split up some of the current monster functions
(like setup_arch) into generic and platform-specific parts ... exactly as
Pat's patch does.

It would be nice to see a "blessing in principle" from Marcelo and
Linus before we / you start spending lots of time on this.


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