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Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 19:21:41 EST

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By author: Nicholas Knight <>
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> For what reasons? I see no valid reason for it being the "Wrong" thing
> to do. I wouldn't even call it QUESTIONABLE. Nor is it simply a
> "holdover". There are still systems in use whos BIOS simply *does not
> support* booting past the 1024th cyl.
> 1. Putting stuff in /boot is generaly the "standard" thing to do,
> generaly won't cause confusion among experienced users, and will make
> sense to new users; /lib/modules/* will make no sense whatsoever.

Now, you're on a system on which /boot is actually a flash ROM (yes,
such systems exist) or for other reasons very small.

Gunk in /boot is not appreciated.


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