HP Omnibook 6000, reboot working?

From: Pavel Janík (Pavel@Janik.cz)
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 17:43:59 EST


anyone here with HP Omnibook 6000 successfully rebooting? I do have this
beast and after issuing /sbin/reboot, the machine is halted with the LCD
almost blank (you can see what was there a moment before, but it is almost
black), CD LED blinking and waiting for me to hold the poweroff button for
about 5 seconds? No command parameters (like reboot=bios or warm or cold or
whatever) helped. It happened in the past and it still happens with

The same problem is mentioned here:

Machine can poweroff, but not reboot. APM works. I do not know if it is
connected with PCMCIA as that page says...

Do you know?

Pavel Janík

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