[PATCH] zerocopy NFS updated

From: Hirokazu Takahashi (taka@valinux.co.jp)
Date: Wed Apr 10 2002 - 05:05:50 EST


I add a new patch for zerocopy NFS.
va03-knfsd-zerocopy-sendpage-2.5.7-test1.patch makes knfsd to skip
csum_partial_copy_generic() which copies data into a sk_buff.
This feature works on when you use NFS over TCP only at this moment.
I'd like to implement sendpage for UDP, but it doesn't work yet.

But I wonder about sendpage. I guess HW IP checksum for outgoing
pages might be miscalculated as VFS can update them anytime.
New feature like COW pagecache should be added to VM and they
should be duplicated in this case.

Is there anyone who could advise me about this.

Following patches patches are against linux 2.5.7



Andrew, Could you try it again?

Hirokazu Takahashi
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