linux as a minicomputer ?

From: John P. Looney (
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 10:46:02 EST

 Sorry if this isn't the place for this question, but it's something that
came up in general office talk today.

 Many many moons ago, the GGI project promised us the ability to buy a
four-processor box, four PCI video cards, four USB mice & keyboards, and
let four people use that machine at once, with benefits all around.

 This would be wonderful for most people (leaving aside someone doing a
'make -j4' on the kernel, while the three others are playing Wolfenstein)
in offices and other shared environments.

 Are there any plans to bring this sort of functionality to Linux 2.6 ? As
I remember, some of the problems were that the GGI code was never going to
get into Linux proper, and enumeration of multiple keyboards and mice, but
I would have thought that was there a need, these problems would have been
fixed by now.


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