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From: Alexander Viro (
Date: Sun Apr 21 2002 - 01:27:56 EST

On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Ian Molton wrote:

> I take it as blatently obvious that BK isnt a barrier to entry, as the old
> methods still work fine.
> what I /do/ appreciate is that by including directions to proprietary tools
> in the docs, we are heading down a greased incline, so to speak.

Sigh... When it comes to software there are three systems of beliefs.
One of them:

        * Thou shalt know by your heart that all software sucks.
        * Beware of those who say that their software does not suck, for they
          are either fools or liars.
        * Beware of those who give you garments and do not allow to mend them,
          for sooner or later thou shalt find what needs mending.
        * But beware also of those who give you badly rotten garments and say
          "Thou shalt prefer that above everything, for thou art allowed to
          mend it".
        * Thou shalt not treat software as a living being, for it is not one.
        * Choose a license of thine liking for sofware thou writest and do not
          blame those who choose differently for software they write.
        * Know when to say "It can be mended, I shalt do that" and when to
          say "It is rotten beyond repair".
        * Choose free over non-free when it is better or when thou art willing
          to fix what is broken.
        * When shit happens, think how to fix it.


        * All software wants to be free
        * Thou shalt not use non-free software
        * Thou shalt not mention non-free software
        * Thou shalt make all thine software free
        * Thou shalt choose free above working, even if free one is broken
          beyond repair
        * When shit happens, add new features

and the last one:

        * Our 3133t! K3wl! Software! Does Not Suck!!!
        * Always choose our software above everything else
        * When shit happens, we add new features

If you happen to believe in second variant, you have my condolence as
long as you don't force your beliefs on everybody else. If you choose
to emulate door-to-door pests^H^H^H^Hreachers - don't expect to be
treated differently.

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