Re: kernel BUG in "page_alloc.c" with 2.4.19-pre7-ac2

From: Alastair Stevens (
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 08:11:33 EST

> > Basically, "page_alloc.c" generated a BUG error when unmounting my
> > filesystems during a reboot. I wasn't able to capture the full output,
> > but I hope may be useful to report this anyway. If it happens again I'll
> > try to grab the details....
> Are you using the nvidia driver by chance ?

Umm, yes, as it happens. Forgive my non-kernel hacking ignorance, but I
didn't draw an obvious connection between these things! If it's
somehow the fault of the nVidia driver, then I know enough not to
complain to l-k :-)


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