Kernels 2.2.19-2.4.x. Why why why?

From: Eugenij Butusov (
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 13:17:03 EST

Dear Alan,

 I'm writing to You because of my problem with kernels > 2.2.17.
This kernel is the last that works on my machine. I've tried almost
all, including 2.3.x and 2.5.x, but they simple don't work. After
compilation and reboot system starts as usual, but after few minutes,
when I'm trying to switch to different console, all freezes. On some
kernels I saw message like "timeout: AT keyborad not present?". But
the keyboard is on the right place. Usually there is no error/warning
messages at all (so I don't have any debug info). I've included my
dmesg (from 2.2.17) and interrupts. My hardware:

MB: pc chips, SiS, tx-pro m570(v12), apg, 1MB L2 cache, onboard soundpro
MEM: 64MB sdram
GFX: diamond viper v330 agp (4mb)
NIC: realtek8139 (D-Link NetEasy)
HDD: 2x3.2GB (samsung & seagate, both udma33)

The stranges thing is that I have other 2 OS's on this machine:
FreeBSD 4.5 and Windows98SE, and they works correctly and pretty
stable. Why Linux doesn't work? The main question is: what was
changed in kernel from version 2.2.17 to 2.2.19? Is there any
critical changes? I asked a lot of people, but they couldn't help
(in 99% the answer was: upgrade/check your hardware...). So I've
decided to write to You, the most known kernel hacker. If You won't
give me any answer, I'll probably just buy a new computer...
Thank You for interesting in my problem. :) And sorry for my fatal
english. I'm waiting for Your reply.

Best regards,

Eugenij 'dino' Butusov |

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