[ANNOUNCE] LKCD 4.1 Released

From: Matt D. Robinson (yakker@aparity.com)
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 16:22:50 EST

LKCD (Linux Kernel Crash Dumps) version 4.1 is now available.
Please feel free to download the latest release at:


Be sure to download both the LKCD patch as well as the lkcdutils and
lkcdutils-qlcrash (for graphical systems) RPMs. Source RPMs are also
available. I'm hoping to work with the two Debian folks working on
LKCD to get Debian images ready for the next snapshot.

The LKCD patch is prepared for 2.4.17 systems, and should be
relatively straightforward to migrate to 2.4.18 and beyond.

For more information about LKCD, including mailing lists,
contributors, and objectives, please visit our main web page at:


Thanks to everyone out there who has contributed to make LKCD such
a great success so far. There have been contributions from IBM, NEC,
Storigen, Mission Critical Linux, Fujitsu, 3ParData, SGI, Alacritech,
HCL Technologies, Amazon, Intel, and others (please forgive me if
I've left your company off the list) for this past release, including
a few fixes from individual contributors.

Now it's time to get a BK patch ready. Until next time,


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