Re: A CD with errors (scratches etc.) blocks the whole system while reading damadged files

From: Xavier Bestel (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 03:49:50 EST

Le jeu 02/05/2002 à 10:26, Stephen Samuel a écrit :
> I ran a similar type of test on a (redhat 7.1 ) kernel.
> With the CD on HDD, I could read off of HDA just peachy while
> the system was choking on a scratched (aol) cd.

The "system grinding to a halt" happens to me too, when *ripping*
scratched cds. Note that it's when using *userspace* access to the block
device, with e.g. cdparanoia or grip (or dvd ripping tools).

My DVD drive is on a VT82C693A/694x (ABit VP6).

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