Re: [STATUS 2.5] May 1, 2002 (BKL status)

From: Guillaume Boissiere (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 06:10:14 EST

> I may not be the leading BKL expert, but I play one on TV :)
> Perhaps one of the kernel-janitor people would like to assist me with
> this (cc'ing that list). I'd be willing to keep a web page to list all
> current BKL uses and keep track of them as they are removed/added
> Perhaps a set of web pages which resemble the directory structure of the
> kernel tree would be helpful??
> Here's a good question for kernel-janitor, and anyone else who's
> interested, what format describing BKL use would most encourage you to
> go and remove it? We already have Rick Lindsley's Global spinlock list:
> . The BKL
> use in there is somewhat dated, but might be a good start.
> I have some awk scripts that I use on each new kernel release to check
> for new and removed uses of the BKL. I can adapt these to start
> checking new BK changesets for BKL changes.

I'm by no means a BKL expert, not even on TV :-) , but here is a
What about a listing sorted by how the BKL should be replaced,
something like this:

BKL --> dma_spin_lock
- alpha/kernel/ptrace.c Held while doing a ptrace (John Doe)
- drivers/block/rd.c Held while doing whatever (?)
- ...

BKL --> xprt_lock
- ...

BKL --> no lock required
- ...

BKL instances that will NOT be removed
- ...

The advantage is that it should be easier to group together instances
that require the same type of work.

-- Guillaume

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