Re: discontiguous memory platforms

From: Roman Zippel (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 09:00:08 EST


On Wed, 1 May 2002, Daniel Phillips wrote:

> > Just to throw in an alternative: On m68k we map currently everything
> > together into a single virtual area. This means the virtual<->physical
> > conversion is a bit more expensive and mem_map is simply indexed by the
> > the virtual address.
> Are you talking about mm_ptov and friends here? What are the loops for?

It simply searches through all memory nodes, it's not really efficient.

> Could you please describe the most extreme case of physical discontiguity
> you're handling?

I can't assume anything. I'm thinking about calculating the table
dynamically and patching the kernel at bootup, we are already doing
something similiar in the Amiga/ppc kernel.

bye, Roman

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