Re: IDE hotplug support?

From: Martin Dalecki (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 13:19:04 EST

Uz.ytkownik Pavel Machek napisa?:
> Hi!
>>I came across a nice case from procase, supporting 16 IDE drives in
>>(so-called?) hotplug frames. Problem is... How will linux trat this?
> Should be okay. Hdparm can force spindown and bus rescan, and that's
> basically what you need.
>>I plan to use 15 drives in a RAID-5, assigning the last 16th drive as a
> 8 controllers? hmmm...

15 drives == 16 interfaces == 8 channels == 4 controllers
with primary and secondary channel.

He will have groups of about 4 drives on each channel wich
serialize each other due to excessive IRQ line sharing and
master slave issues.

8 x 130MBy/s >>>> PCI bus throughput... I would rather recommend
a classical RAID controller card for this kind of

The request aliasing effects will be almost for sure disasterous
to overall system performance.

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