Re: kernel strangeness

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 15:31:26 EST

> ethernets, 64 meg memory, and an AMD Elan SC520. I loaded the flash disk
> on a full install of RH 7.2. Custom compiled the kernel for no modules,
> for an i386 architecture. It works fine on the desktop system I used to
> load it, but when I put it on the net4501, Lilo loads, starts loading the
> kernel, then it hangs. The last message on the screen is Freeing unused
> kernel memory. I also downloaded the latest 2.4.19-pre7, compiled it for
> the Elan processor, with no success. Same thing happens.

Thats the classic case when you have a i686 glibc rather than the i386/486
glibc that is needed by the Elan board. Swap for the i386 glibc
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