2.4.19pres and IDE DMA

From: Samuel Flory (sflory@rackable.com)
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 15:41:13 EST

  I'm having issues with a Tyan 2720 and post 2.4.18 boards with a
Maxtor 4G120J6. Under 2.4.18 I can turn on dma via "hdparm -d 1".
 Under 2.4.19pre7 I get "HDIO_SET_DMA fail ed: Operation not permitted".
 On a side note the same thing occurs with the RH 2.4.18-0.13 kernel.
 It appears both kernels merged an ide update from the ac kernel line.

PS-There is also some issue with a resource conflict that occurs under
every kernel I've tried.

bash-2.05# hdparm -d 1 /dev/hda

 setting using_dma to 1 (on)
 using_dma = 1 (on)
bash-2.05# hdparm -d /dev/hda

 using_dma = 1 (on)


root@dev30> /sbin/hdparm /dev/hda

multcount = 16 (on)
I/O support = 0 (default 16-bit)
unmaskirq = 0 (off)
using_dma = 0 (off)
keepsettings = 0 (off)
nowerr = 0 (off)
readonly = 0 (off)
readahead = 8 (on)
geometry = 238216/255/63, sectors = 240121728, start = 0
busstate = 1 (on)

root@dev30> /sbin/hdparm -d1 /dev/hda
setting using_dma to 1 (on)
HDIO_SET_DMA fail ed: Operation not permitted
using_dma = 0 (off)

lspci strangeness: (both 2.4.19pre7, and 2.4.18)

00:1f.1 IDE interface: Intel Corporation: Unknown device 248b (rev 02)
8a [Master SecP PriP])
        Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 0, IRQ 18
        I/O ports at <unassigned> [size=8]
        I/O ports at <unassigned> [size=4]
        I/O ports at <unassigned> [size=8]
        I/O ports at <unassigned> [size=4]
        I/O ports at ffa0 [size=16]
        Memory at 40000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [disabled] [size=1K]

IDE intialization error: (both 2.4.19pre7, and 2.4.18)

PCI_IDE: unknown IDE controller on PCI bus 00 device f9,VID=8086,DID=248b
PCI: Device 00:1f.1 not available because of resource collision
PCI_IDE: (ide_setup_pci_device:) Could not enable device.

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