Re: 2.5.12-dj1: IDE trouble - RZ1000 still won't finish booting

From: Martin Dalecki (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 15:15:01 EST

Uz.ytkownik Mark Orr napisa?:
> I posted a log about this about a week ago regarding
> Linux 2.5.10 not completing boot on an older system with a
> RZ1000 IDE interface. (and that RZ1000 by itself, w/ CMD640
> and generic PCI IDE disabled in make config, wouldnt even
> compile -- it still doesnt with 2.5.12-dj1)
> It still crashes at the same place - when the root
> filesystem is remounted with R/W. The messages look different,
> i.e. the "unexpected interrupt <x> <y>" is gone, but it looks
> like it's still complaining about the same thing:
> hda: task_mulout_intr: error=0x04 { DriveStatusError }
> then several of these:
> { task_mulout_intr }
> hda: ide_set_handler: handler not null old=<some hex> new=<some other hex>
> bug: kernel timer added twice
> finally:
> end_request: I/O error, dev 03:00, sector 456628
> end_buffer_io_sync: I/O error
> hda: ata_irq_request: hwgroup was not busy!?
> Unable to hand kernel NULL pointer dereference...
> ...and the usual dumpage. (which isnt logged, naturally)

There where no reaction becouse problems with the multi sector
IO code path in the driver are well known... and unfortunately still
not resolved becouse there are expected changes in the whole
handling of them. However to confirm this you could for the time
beeing please just try to displabe multi sector writes
on this driver by editing the following code in ide-disk.c

                id->multsect = ((id->max_multsect/2) > 1) ? id->max_multsect : 0;
                id->multsect_valid = id->multsect ? 1 : 0;
                drive->mult_req = id->multsect_valid ? id->max_multsect : INITIAL_MULT_COUNT;
                if (drive->mult_req)
                        drive->special_cmd |= ATA_SPECIAL_MMODE;
                /* original, pre IDE-NFG, per request of AC */
                drive->mult_req = INITIAL_MULT_COUNT;
                if (drive->mult_req > id->max_multsect)
                        drive->mult_req = id->max_multsect;
                if (drive->mult_req || ((id->multsect_valid & 1) && id->multsect))
                        drive->special_cmd |= ATA_SPECIAL_MMODE;

to always set mult_req to 0.

Peerhaps you could of course check bfore hand first
INITIAL_MULT_COUNT allways equal to 0.

Thank you in advance.

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