Re: O(1) scheduler gives big boost to tbench 192

From: Gerrit Huizenga (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 20:08:54 EST

In message <>, > : Alan Cox writes:
> > Rumor is that on some workloads MQ it outperforms O(1), but it
> > may be that the latest (post K3?) O(1) is catching up?
> I'd be interested to know what workloads ?
AIM on large CPU count machines was the most significant I had heard
about. Haven't measured recently on database load - we made a cut to
O(1) some time back for simplicity. Supposedly volanomark was doing
better for a while but again we haven't cut back to MQ in quite a while;
trying instead to refine O(1). Volanomark is something of a scheduling
anomaly though - sender/receiver timing on loopback affects scheduling
decisions and overall throughput in ways that may or may not be consistent
with real workloads. AIM is probably a better workload for "real life"
random scheduling testing.

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