Re: Re[4]: Support of AMD 762?

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 19:36:16 EST

> Setting 2 in the phys_id_present_map
> ...changing IO-APIC physical APIC ID to 2 ... ok.

You are using APIC mode - the $PIR router isnt even involved. The AMD 762
BIOS and Software writers guide discusses the MP mode behaviour if you want
to look into it further but it looks as if your BIOS is simply horked

PCI cards are mapped to IRQ 16->19 in APIC mode with the ISA lines on
0-15. The only question there is which of INTA/INTB/INTC/INTD is ultimately
wired to the INTA on that slot. That is what the MP table should say but
is not

Do you see this with both MP 1.1 and MP 1.4 ?
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