Re: [PATCH] Replace exec_permission_lite() with inlined vfs_permission()

From: Paul Menage (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 21:36:23 EST

>IMO it's a bad idea. In many cases we have ->permission() but it's
>perfectly OK with being called under dcache_lock - either always or
>in (fs-specific) "fast case".
>I would prefer ->permission_light() that would always be called
>under dcache_lock and besides the usual values could return -EAGAIN.
>In that case ->permission() would be called in a normal way.

OK - a few details/matters of taste:

- how about similar dcache_lock-safe versions of d_op->revalidate()
and i_op->follow_link()?

- an alternative to separate methods is to add a "noblock" argument
to the existing methods. This entails more breakage in the short term.

- permission_light() or permission_lite()? :-)


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