Re: kbuild 2.5 is ready for inclusion in the 2.5 kernel

From: Keith Owens (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 00:02:29 EST

On Thu, 2 May 2002 21:17:43 -0700 (PDT),
"Randy.Dunlap" <> wrote:
>I kinda like to do 'make bzImage' without making modules also.
>Would that be difficult to do in kbuild 2.5?
>Oh, but then I would also (still) need 'make modules'...

Sample testing targets, to see if you made any typing errors.

  make vmlinux
  make arch/i386/boot/bzImage
  make drivers/acpi (non-recursive)
  make drivers/acpi-r (recursive)

Do it with NO_MAKEFILE_GEN=1 for much, much! faster builds. But you
should really do a clean make installable (which will do modules as
well) before make install.

>Any ideas about this error? user error??
>$ make oldconfig menuconfig
>... and then
>[rddunlap@midway linux-2513-pv]$ make -f Makefile-2.5
>spec value %p not found
>Using ARCH='i386' AS='as' LD='ld' CC='/usr/bin/gcc' CPP='/usr/bin/gcc
>-E' AR='ar' HOSTAS='as' HOSTLD='gcc' HOSTCC='gcc' HOSTAR='ar'
>Generating global Makefile
> phase 1 (find all inputs)
>Error: The CML input files have changed since .config was created.
> Always make one of xconfig menuconfig oldconfig defconfig
>config randconfig allyes allno allmod after changing CML files
>make: *** [/usr/linsrc/linux-2513-pv/.config] Error 1

You mixed the old kbuild 2.4 make *config with a kbuild 2.5 build.
Don't do that.

One of the downsides of coexistence, users can get it wrong.

make -f Makefile-2.5 menuconfig installable

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