Re: Bug: Discontigmem virt_to_page() [Alpha,ARM,Mips64?]

From: Martin J. Bligh (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 01:39:09 EST

>> With the "flat" addressing mode that Martin has been using (the
>> dummied down for NT version) everything is squished together. That
>> makes it a bit harder to do node local data structures, although he
>> may have enough data from the MPS table to split memory appropriately.
> sure, the only issue is the API that the hardware provides to advertise
> the start/end of the memory for each node. It doesn't matter if it's
> squashed or not as long as you still know the start/end of the phys ram
> per node. It also won't make any difference with nonlinear or
> discontigmem because you need to fill the pgdat anyways to enable the
> numa heuristics (node-affine-allocations being the most sensible etc..).

Yup, we can grab that info from the BIOS generated tables - see
Pat Gaughen's patch posted here a few days ago that parses those
tables and feeds the pgdats if you want the gory details.


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