Who should get kernel bug reports (Both at YDL and Kernel Folks)?

From: Keith Velleux (velleux@chartermi.net)
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 03:04:55 EST

I recently upgraded to YDL 2.2 (from LinuxPPC2K-Q4) and Kernel 2.4.18.
The computer is a PowerMac 8500 (circa 1995).

I found a bug in the controlfb.c file for the kernel.

The kernel commandline video options ("video=controlfb:vmode:17" for
example) do not work.

The routine "control_setup" reads the commandline correctly and sets

The problem is in the routine "init_control".
It does not use "default_vmode" to set "vmode".
(The exception is when there is no commandline option, then
"default_vmode == VMODE_NVRAM")

Reviewing the 2.2.20 kernel shows that the NVRAM "if" checks in
"init_control" need "else" statements.
["else vmode=default_vmode;"]

The same applies to "default_cmode".

Thank you.

Keith Velleux

P.S. It is 4:00 AM, and I can no longer think.

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