Re: O(1) scheduler gives big boost to tbench 192

From: John Hawkes (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 11:37:17 EST

From: <>
> tbench 192 is an anomaly test too. AIM looks like a nice
> "mixed" bench. Do you have any scripts for it? I'd like
> to use AIM too.

Try for a tarball
with everything you'll need.

The "Multiuser Shared System Mix" (aka "workfile.shared") is the one I use.
You'll need several disk spindles to keep it compute-bound, though. Several
of the disk subtests, especially the sync_* tests, quickly drive one or two
spindles to their max transaction rates, and from that point AIM7 will be
I/O-bound and produce a largely idle system, which isn't very interesting if
you're trying to example CPU scheduler performance with high process counts.

One thing you can do is to comment-out the three sync_* tests in the
workfile.shared configuration file, and then watch your idle time with
something like vmstat. Experiment with commenting-out more disk subtests,
like creat-clo, disk_cp, and disk_src, one by one, until AIM7 becomes

John Hawkes
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