Re: sis900 ethernet driver/IP stack getting REALLY confused...

From: Sebastian Droege (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 13:23:52 EST

On Fri, 3 May 2002 08:12:20 -0400
Rob Landley <> wrote:

> The sis900 driver in 2.4.18 works fine until I unplug and plug back in the
> cat5 cable. Then suddenly, packets start disappearing for 10 to 15 seconds
> and then suddenly getting delivered (way late) out of nowhere, which confuses
> IP to no end and apparently makes "ping" think the packet is corrupted.
> If I reboot the box (shutdown -r now), the problem seems to stops manifesting
> until I twiddle with the ethernet link status again. (The first time this
> happened I thought it was a hardware problem, and it did go away when I
> plugged in an rtl8139 card and started using that instead, but now it's
> happened on another system and it really does look like some kind of a device
> driver problem...)
> Here's an example run of ping when the problem is manifesting. Notice the
> sequence numbers and delay timestamps. (We've tried swapping in three
> different switches from two different manufacturers in between, so that's not
> the problem...) I think ping's getting confused by receiving 15 second-old
> packets...
> Help?
I have a very similar problem... when I ping the box with the sis900 ethernet adapter everything wents fine except ~3 % of the pings. This pings need 10 times longer to get back to me than the other (eg. 72 ms <-> 1004 ms)
There is no other network activity on the network
And sometimes I get corrupted echo replies when there is traffic over the sis900...

I hope this helps somehow...


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