Re: UML is now self-hosting!

From: Jeff Dike (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 20:32:27 EST said:
> Congratulations!


> Now that you can run UML
> under UML, can you run UML under UML under UML?]

Heh, I haven't tried it. Feel free, it should work now. said:
> Customers wanted to run legacy OS/390 apps that they had lost the
> binaries for, with a fast, modern database (Oracle or DB2) running at
> native speed, with either Linux or Windows applications. Add UML and
> you can do development and client support like System 390 can do with
> Linux and you have an interesting (if a bit perverted ;-) world.

Yup. And that sort of thing doesn't come close to reaching the potential
of a virtual OS.

A couple of the intermediate-term things I'm most interested in are
        embedding UML in things like Apache to provide a standard internal
        development and execution environment

        spreading a SMP UML instance across multiple hosts


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