Re: Linux 2.5.13-dj1

From: Rudmer van Dijk (
Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 05:43:48 EST

At 10:49 4-5-02 +0200, I wrote:
>compiled ok, booted ok, but got the same problem as with 2.5.1[02]-dj1 on
>my p100 (with F00F bug):
>the boot process stopped after fsck of hda1 (root partition) and the
>message 'hda lost interrupt' popped up every 5 sec or so.
>reboot into 2.4.19-pre8 resulted in a panic due to ext2 corruption, fscking
>hda1 from a rescue partition gave the message: Group descriptors look
>bad... using backup
>so how can I try to find the cause of this problem??
applied the pio-patch of Osamu Tomita:
--- linux-2.5.10/drivers/ide/ide-taskfile.c Wed Apr 24 16:15:19 2002
+++ linux/drivers/ide/ide-taskfile.c Fri Apr 26 15:44:42 2002
@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@
                         ata_write_slow(drive, buffer, wcount);
- ata_write_16(drive, buffer, wcount<<1);
+ ata_write_16(drive, buffer, wcount);

now the system keeps working after fsck and thus surviving the first write
to the disk...

after ~half an hour of heavy use (finding+grepping through the kernel
sources, hdparm -tT, dd from /dev/zero to file, all while running
SETI@home) it silently stopped. no messages, no response, SysRq-space gave
no message and it took about five times pressing SysRq-b for the system to
reboot. This time no kernel panic and no errors on filesystem.

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