agpgart problem with an msi Mobo.

From: David Odin (
Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 12:39:36 EST


I've recently bought an agp graphic card, so I would like to use the
agpgart.o module, but it doesn't seems to work with my mother board:
coruscant:~# modprobe agpgart
Linux agpgart interface v0.99 (c) Jeff Hartmann
agpgart: Maximum main memory to use for agp memory: 203M
/lib/modules/2.5.13/kernel/drivers/char/agp/agpgart.o: init_module: No such device
Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters
/lib/modules/2.5.13/kernel/drivers/char/agp/agpgart.o: insmod
/lib/modules/2.5.13/kernel/drivers/char/agp/agpgart.o failed
/lib/modules/2.5.13/kernel/drivers/char/agp/agpgart.o: insmod agpgart failed

As you can see, I'm using the 2.5.13 kernel, but I had the same error
with 2.4.17.

My mother board is an MSI K7T266 Pro2.

  Any ideas? Is this a known problem? Is this due to some wrong setting
in my bios?

  I can test any patch, if needed.



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