Re: [patch] hpt374 support

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 13:47:14 EST

"Barry K. Nathan" wrote:
> Andrew Morton wrote:
> > It has a problem with my 80 gigabyte Seagates - in UDMA133
> > mode, writes are inexplicably slow. I manually set UDMA100
> > and it flies.
> Hmmm... do 80GB Seagates even support UDMA133? I could be mistaken, but
> as an owner of one, I'm pretty sure the answer is "no". In fact, I think
> Maxtor's the only company making UDMA133 drives at this point in time.

Doh. I have enough disks in this thing to feed a small nation, and
I am easily confused.


 Model=Maxtor 4D080K4, FwRev=DAK019K0, SerialNo=D4H0GTPE
 Config={ Fixed }
 RawCHS=16383/16/63, TrkSize=0, SectSize=0, ECCbytes=57
 BuffType=DualPortCache, BuffSize=2048kB, MaxMultSect=16, MultSect=16
 CurCHS=16383/16/63, CurSects=16514064, LBA=yes, LBAsects=160086528
 IORDY=on/off, tPIO={min:120,w/IORDY:120}, tDMA={min:120,rec:120}
 PIO modes: pio0 pio1 pio2 pio3 pio4
 DMA modes: mdma0 mdma1 mdma2 udma0 udma1 udma2 udma3 udma4 *udma5 udma6
 Drive Supports : Reserved : ATA-1 ATA-2 ATA-3 ATA-4 ATA-5 ATA-6
 Kernel Drive Geometry LogicalCHS=158816/255/63 PhysicalCHS=158816/255/63

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