[PATCH] initramfs

From: Christian Koenig (@t-online.de)
Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 14:57:06 EST


I have tried to implement the "initramfs buffer spec -- third draft" by hpa
and Al Viro.

It isn't complete yet, because off the following unresolved topics:
1. For the moment it only supports files,dirs and symlinks.
2. It still needs the "RAM disk" and "initrd" support compiled in the Kernel.
3. I haven't tried to support hardlinks.
4. Since i use the ramdisk for decompression the cpio image must be a
multiple of BLOCK_SIZE bytes.
5. The cpio crc field is ignored.

I have done this only for testing if the "initramfs buffer spec -- third
draft" suffers all requirements. And to give a starting point for
implementing this. The patch works for linux 2.5.9 - 2.5.13.

The only problem i found is that after a "TRAILER!!!" cpio (per default)
align on a 512 bytes boundary, not 4 bytes.

I also have an idea about the "mounting the real root over the ramfs root"
thing, is it/could it be possible to mark an filesystem as "unmount on
closing the last used file", similary to how autofs does it ?
This could also be usefull for removal media.
(don't blame me if this is stupid, i'm only a human).

cu, Christian Koenig. (and sorry for my poor English)

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