Re: 2.5.13 IDE and preemptible kernel problems

From: Martin Dalecki (
Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 19:24:07 EST

Użytkownik Linus Torvalds napisał:
> On Fri, 3 May 2002, Martin Dalecki wrote:
>>Uz.ytkownik Andi Kleen napisa?:
>>>When booting an preemptible kernel 2.5.13 kernel on x86-64 I get
>>>very quickly an scheduling in interrupt BUG. It looks like the
>>>preempt_count becomes 0 inside the ATA interrupt handler. This
>>>could happen when save_flags/restore_flags and friends are unmatched
>>>and you have too many flags restores in IDE.
>>Thank you for pointing out. I will re check it.
> Martin, may I suggest that the next line of cleanups should be to remove
> all vestiges of the old global interrupt locking from the IDE driver?
> Including, for example, the crap "PCI method 1" access stuff in CMD640x..
> Also, if you turn on spinlock debugging, that tends to help find the
> really silly things faster (leaving the harder races to be solved by
> brainforce ;)

OK, lest's make a deal you do the following and - realize
immediately that there is a need for single argument
time_past() or whatever and I turn spinlock debugging on :-).

[root@kozaczek linux]# find ./ -name "*.[ch]" -exec grep time_after /dev/null {}
\; | wc
     265 1638 21285
[root@kozaczek linux]# find ./ -name "*.[ch]" -exec grep time_after /dev/null {}
\; | grep jiffies | wc
     239 1497 19080
[root@kozaczek linux]#

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