Re: 2.4.19pre8aa2

From: Keith Owens (
Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 22:04:37 EST

On Sun, 05 May 2002 09:34:25 +1000,
Eyal Lebedinsky <> wrote:
>I agree with this. However, since this driver cannot be built, and
>since the latest modutils will exit badly for unresolved, I strongly
>believe that the comx driver should not be offered (disable it in
>the until it is fixed - 2.4 being a stable kernel.
>I had to wrap 'depmod' with a script to ignore failures in order
>to get through a full build (which includes the kernel plus a few
>extra modules like NVdriver, dc395, lm_sensors).

You should not have to wrap depmod. Standard 2.4.* modutils returns 0
for unresolved errors, for compatibility with previous behaviour. You
have to do depmod -u to get a non-zero return code. The -u flag was
added in modutils 2.4.7 and defaults to off. In modutils 2.5 it will
default to on, that will break code that relies on the existing
behaviour. I will not change modutils default behaviour in 2.4.

So why is your version of depmod breaking? Either you are specifying
-u or your distribution has hacked depmod to default -u to on. Check
depmod.c for variable flag_unresolved_error, it should default to 0.

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