Re: 2.5.x keyboard oddities

From: Tomas Szepe (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 07:47:04 EST

> [J.P. Morris <>]
> The other day I finally got a 2.5 kernel (2.5.13) to compile and boot.
> One of the major stumbling (crashing) blocks seems to be DEVFS, so I
> simply disabled it and booted the kernel.
> The system appears to have come up completely now, except for the
> keyboard which is totally frozen throughout the entire boot process.
> I don't have another PC but I might try and get my Psion Series 5
> to act as a VT100 terminal and go in through serial.
> The keyboard is a bog-standard AT 102 keyboard, attached through a
> AT/PS2 converter to an ABIT KT133 ATX motherboard.. no USB stuff.
> Keyboard is turned on in the input devices option in kernel config.
> But it's utterly dead: even ALT-SYSRQ-B. Is this normal?

1) Try booting with 'acpi=off'. It's broken for a number of systems
(does precisely what you've described) and no official update is
available as of yet. Alternatively, you can try to apply the most
recent ACPI patch from [1].

2) Make sure you've enabled core input support and userland keyboard


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