Re: Linux 2.4.18 floppy driver EATS floppies

From: Chris Rankin (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 09:47:06 EST

> I buyed once (a long time ago) a box with 10 floppies.
> Two died in the first day of use. From the others i still have some today.
> I think the quality of the floppies (and other products) today isn't so
> high :-(

Well, that's one explanation. Curiously, I've just managed to salvage
my floppy disk. My initial attempt to run either "mkfs -t vfat" or "dd
if=mini.ima of=/dev/fd0" failed, so I ran "mkfs -t ext2" instead. Once
that ran successfully, I was able to dd the image again, and this time
it worked.

Sounds like either a floppy driver bug or a vfat filesystem bug to me.

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