modversion.h improvement suggestion

From: Sebastian Huber (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 11:00:51 EST

I tried to compile a device driver module and got the error that
'modversion.h' cannot be found. My first questions were:
        Are the include paths ok?
        Do the maintainer now what he or she is doing?
        Uses this driver code obsolete kernel stuff?
        Has SuSE forgotten something to install?
Then I started a google search for 'modversion.h' and noticed that this was a
common problem. And after a while I found the solution -> modversion.h is an
automatically generated file.

So what about a default modversion.h file:
/* This is an automatically generated file. Do not edit it. */
#error You have not generated the module versions. You have to ...

This hint may save some time for those who are not so fit in kernel issues.


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