Re: vanilla 2.5.13 severe file system corruption experienced follozing e2fsck ...

From: Anton Altaparmakov (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 14:04:04 EST

The IDE core has a nasty PIO bug which causes it to scribble randomly over
your disk (even when read-only mounted or not mounted at all).

Wait for 2.5.14, that has the fix in it, or use the latest -dj kernel which
has the fix, too.

Note even with that fix IDE (at least TCQ) is really easy to crash when you
put the system under heavier I/O (at least on my via box)...


At 19:34 05/05/02, william stinson wrote:
>as vanilla linux 2.5.13 compiled beautifully for me
>last night one I couldn't resist the temptation to
>boot it up and give it a whirl on my workstation (a
>monoprocessor AMD ATHLON on VIA motherboard with
>recent 20GB IDE disk and EXT2 file system, NVIDIA
>video card).
>Boot went OK until a message something like "checking
>filesystems - check forced -mounted 31 times without
>verification - verifying now". Shortly afterwards I
>got an OOPS message.
>EIP : 0010: [<c01d59cb> Not Tainted
><0> Kernel Panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler! In
>interrupt handler - not syncing
>Not to worry I try to reboot my stable kernel - this
>fails at the mount command (library's needed by mount
>command are missing). Impossible to login (password
>file must be corrupted too).
>With the rescue disk I run e2fsck and home partition
>is dead (bad superblocks) and nothing recoverable.
>The root file system is also corrupted (bad
>superblocks but not as badly as home). I have some
>other partitions which I haven't checked yet - maybe
>some of them survived.
>As I am not subscribed to the list please CC me in any
>response. If I can recover the kernel compile I will
>try to give some configuration options and try to
>decode the full oops message. More details available
>on request.
>Best regards
>William Stinson (
> The hard disk is using VIA bus master PCI IDE and the
>distribution is a "vanilla" mandrake 8.1. I have a
>REALTEK RTL8029 Ethernet Adaptor. USB is with VIA
>VT83C572/VT82C586 PCI to VIA Universal Host
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