Re: [PATCH 2.5.12] x86 boot enhancements

From: Rusty Russell (
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 03:04:30 EST

On 02 May 2002 08:23:26 -0600 (Eric W. Biederman) wrote:

> My patches to build improve the x86 boot process are now
> available at:
> There is one summary patch and the rest are incremental patches,
> not significant changes have been made.

Hi Eric,

        I've been working on the hotplug CPU stuff: Linus asked that
it alter the boot process to "hotplug in" CPUs on the way up. I have
some (usually-working) patches for x86, but they conflict with your
work. Just a heads up...


   there are those who do and those who hang on and you don't see too
   many doers quoting their contemporaries.  -- Larry McVoy
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