unused shared memory is written into core dump - the bug is back again...

From: Peter Niemayer (niemayer@isg.de)
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 13:47:12 EST

Christoph Roland wrote:

> > I just noticed that when I attach some SYSV shared memory segments
> > to my process and then that process dies from a SIGSEGV that _all_
> > the shared memory is dumped into the core file, even if it was never
> > used and therefore didn't show up in any of the memory statistics.
> Fixed in recent kernel versions (2.2 and 2.4). It will create sparse
> files and not touch the unused address space.

Well, it was fixed (thanks!) back then in June 2001.

However, the misbehaviour has returned - I can't say exactly when,
but with 2.4.18 it happenes again and just caused my computer to
hang for quite a long time (dumping 10 cores of empty 512 MB per process
takes some time... :-| )

Can you fix it again (and set up a booby-trap in the source that immediately
electro-shocks anyone trying to revert to the old bad habit)? :-)


Peter Niemayer
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